How We Do It

Your outfits can improve your self-esteem a great deal.You really don’t have to endure any clothe you have on, on any day or occasion. Ideally, outfits does not follow a particular design, as designers have freedom to express themselves when they make clothes. Nonetheless, the least you should expect from your designer should include:

  • Comfort
  • Functionality
  • Aesthetics
  • Exclusivity
  • Class/Quality

The perfect outfit will mean different things to different people, hence, the need to stick with that one designer who listens to your preferences, while ensuring that you get the best value for money.

At The fabric Hub: our services are aimed at creating satisfaction at all levels, which is why we pay particular attention to particular customers. Our tailoring services covers a range of outfits like: Shirts, Kaftans, Three Piece Agbada, Pants, Dansiki, Chinose, Accessories, among others.

As you know, certain outfits are more common than others among Nigerian males. One of such being the kaftan.

Kaftan is of ancient Mesopotamian origin, and was worn by many middle-eastern ethnic groups. It is believed that Kaftan is from an old Turkish word, “kap ton,” meaning “covering garment”. Through its alteration and evolution, the kaftan has acquired different styles, purposes, and names depending on the culture. In many regions with a warm climate, it is worn as a light-weight, loose-fitting garment, while in some cultures, it serves as a symbol of royalty.

In Nigeria, Kaftan, otherwise known as “south- south,” is a cultural dress of the Ijaws, Urhobos, Itshekiris, Opobos and others. This outfit unarguably, brings out the masculinity in males generally. While some prefer it designed from up, center to down, others like it kept simple and smart. The better kaftan is that one that seats on you like you seat in a Mercedes E300 4matic –Free around the neck line, chest and around your waist area.

The Agbada

A flowing wide sleeved robe worn by men in much of West Africa and sparsely, North Africa. The name “Agbada” originates from Yoruba, a major language in Nigeria. Our Agbadas are designed to most especially; command admiration for whosoever wears them. This we do by ensuring that the specifics are well taken care of, as our range of embroidery designs are selected to wow you and leave you a sense of presence.


Worn the world over and holds the record as the world’s oldest preserved garment. Fit for all events, occasions, class and people. Walking into a store and picking a shirt is a no-no for some people. This is because, they don’t get to find their actual size and fitting. At The Fabric Hub, we finely pleat our shirts to give form-fitting trimness, while allowing the wearer needed comfort. Generally, our focus is to have you fall in love with your shape (even as a man).


They enhance and compliment your outfits when well blended. Our collection includes:

Caps, Slippers, Cuff-links, crystallized buttons etc.


A piece of clothing that covers the lower part of the body, from the waist to the feet. Consisting of cylinder shaped parts, one for each leg and joined at the top. At TFH, getting the perfect cut for your trouser/pant starts with: taking proper measurements of; waist, lap, knee, round base and length. We leave no stone unturned because we understand that a trouser that fits is the sexiest thing in the world.

Overall, our aim is to ensure that for every outfit we make, the wearer automatically becomes one of our super marketers. We keep our outfits smart and ensure our finishing is not compromised. To achieve this, we have in place a thorough quality control setup that helps us achieve set standards for our brand.

This is how we do it!